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Helen Fisher: Why Him? Why Her?

So, who do you love? How does your personality determine who you fall in love with?

According to Dr. Helen Fisher, your love interests may very well be driven by biology.  She is one of the world's leading experts on the science of romantic love.  She's written extensively for scientific journals and is the author of several best selling books.  Her latest book "Why Him? Why Her?" is based on research she performed as chief scientific advisor to; a division of the internet dating website we all know and love -

In this lecture, Dr. Helen Fisher discusses how we can find and keep our perfect match by using nature's chemistry.

The Black Hole War

Recognizing a contradiction in Stephen Hawking's claim that things disappear in black holes, Susskind and Gerard t'Hooft offered a counterargument aimed at disproving this controversial theory.

Susskind discusses the story behind the black hole conflict and how it has led to a better idea of how our universe works.

The Purpose of Purpose

During Richard Dawkins' American tour in March 2009, he gave a talk titled "The Purpose of Purpose". Josh Timonen travelled with Richard to these cities and filmed the talks, which he has edited together here. The content of the talk remains intact, while the editing moves between the different locations and Richard's Keynote presentation.