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Crime & Investigation

Serial Killers - Richard Cottingham

Richard Cottingham is one of the most barbaric serial killers in America who is currently serving a life sentence for torturing, murdering, and dismembering women.

Hailing from New Jersey, Richard operated in New York between 1967 and 1980. He was nicknamed 'the torso killer', due to his habit of dismembering his victims, usually leaving nothing but a torso behind. In one case, he dismembered two prostitutes in a motel room, taking the hands and heads with him before setting the room on fire. He was eventually convicted of murder in 1981 after being caught fleeing an attempted murder.

Teenage Japanese Killers


In Japan - one of the most peaceful countries in the world, times are changing.  A succession of brutal, horrific murders shock the nation.  Murders committed not by hardened criminals or the secretive Japanese mafia, but by middle class teenagers with no criminal record.



This is a disturbing report on the growing trend in violent crime in Japan driven mainly by the country's teenage population.