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Are We Real?

There is a fundamental chasm in our understanding of ourselves, the universe, and everything. To solve this, Sir Martin takes us on a mind-boggling journey through multiple universes to post-biological life. On the way we learn of the disturbing possibility that we could be the product of someone else's experiment.

Does God Exist? image

Does God Exist?

More than 10,000 watched as the acclaimed theist William Lane Craig, research professor of philosophy at Biola’s Talbot School of Theology, and atheist and journalist Christopher Hitchens debated the question of God’s existence in an unprecedented event Saturday evening, April 4, 2009. The question of the night’s debate, hosted by Biola University’s Master of Arts program in Christian Apologetics and Associated Students, Does God exist? attracted a diverse audience of Christians, non-Christians and atheists alike.

Craig gave his opening arguments first in which he presented five arguments for the existence of God. Craig remained focused on the issue at hand — the existence of God, rather than making a case for religion as a whole or whether or not religion is good. Hitchens argued that there is not a God or intelligent designer, however, humans evolved over time. He emphasized that a claim as large as that would need substantial evidence, stating that there is no plausible reason there is a God.

Craig used cosmological argument, teleological argument, moral argument and the resurrection of Jesus and the immediate experience of God as his main arguments. Craig noted in his closing argument that Hitchens failed to engage any of these arguments throughout the debate. Hitchens resolved back to the argument that morality is not dependant upon God throughout most of the night and that he saw a lack of evidence for a supernatural realm. At the end of the evening, he stated that unbelief will insure you against evil.

Hitchens, a devoted atheist and author of the bestselling God is Not Great, is among the best known critics and controversial writers in today’s media. Debating frequently, he represents those hostile to religion in general, and Christianity in particular. Craig, one of the leading contemporary philosophers and Christian apologists in the world, is one of the most formidable debaters in the Christian world. Craig, an eminent scholar and debater, advocates for the Christian side on a wide range of topics.

What Happened Before the Big Bang? image

What Happened Before the Big Bang?

They are the biggest questions that science can possibly ask: where did everything in our universe come from? How did it all begin? For nearly a hundred years, we thought we had the answer: a big bang some 14 billion years ago.

But now some scientists believe that was not really the beginning. Our universe may have had a life before this violent moment of creation.

Horizon takes the ultimate trip into the unknown, to explore a dizzying world of cosmic bounces, rips and multiple universes, and finds out what happened before the big bang.


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